Reach for the impossible

with Artificial Intelligence software

Artificial Intelligence is the future!

Latest technologies such as neural networks, deep learning and natural-language processing can improve your work results and make your business efficiency skyrocket!

Take full advantage of the power of AI:

  • gain market advantage using Consumer Behavior Forecasting and Product Recommendations;
  • automate repetitive and tedious tasks with boosted AI performance;
  • reduce costs and ensure constant work optimization;
  • improve company efficiency with Understanding Intentions and Actions.

However, it is quite complicated to implement it in daily business activities and tasks if you don’t have the proper knowledge.


Power of Artificial Intelligence

TEONITE’s here to help you employ AI capabilities to address any of your business needs.

Personalized advertising

Natural Language Processing

Fraud detection

Market predictions

Live image analysis

Image recognition

Image transformations

TEONITE’s specialists are able to coin a dedicated AI strategy for your company as well as deliver tailor-made AI software solutions which will take your enterprise to the next level!

Case studies

Businesses can thrive with the AI-based solutions!

Find out more in the Case Studies of either client projects and our own products:

  • NeuroAPI


    Multipurpose AI platform which gives the possibility to create a dedicated solution, based on Artificial Intelligence & exposed via API.

    neuroapi scheme
  • T-Mobile

    Prediction models, big data

    Data Science focused project, consisting of data engineering and predictive modelling. The goal of the project - implementing decision support tools using Machine Learning model for sales predictions.

    Michał Krauze

    "The project implemented by TEONITE provided us with valuable information about the data held by T-Mobile. Knowledge in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning, an agile approach and experience in software development enabled the modeling of sales-relevant indicators."

  • Deep Image

    Image recognition and classification, UI

    Free online image enhancer! Increase the size, remove artifacts and polish the photo quality with Deep Image 2.0. Machine Learning technology is here to help you!

    Read article Preview
  • Chainside

    Prediction models, blockchain

    A cryptocurrency trading platform focused on arbitrage. It is leveraging hyper opt parameter tuning for strategies optimization. Supports 10 cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Fashionly

    Image recognition and classification, UI, UX

    With the Fashionly App, you can find out where to buy things you like in just a matter of seconds! Just take a photo, upload it and let AI algorithm find the best matches to help you buy them!



TEONITE engages also in amazing research and science projects! Check them out:

PLAsTiCC Astronomical Classification

Making sense on the Universe - using Machine Learning to classify variable astronomical light sources.

Read article

Nvidia DGX Station

Grasping the power of latest hardware advancements from Nvidia, in order to optimize neural network learning time.

Read article

Sentiment Mining

Evaluating subjective information by the sentiment predictive models based on machine learning.

Need in-depth technical advice?

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Andrzej Piasecki

Neural networks & image recognition

+48 698 614 935

Jacek Chmielewski

Predictive modules & data science

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