We build Blockchain products for DApps, DEFI, NFT

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Why work with us?

We have extensive knowledge and experience in creating solutions for cryptocurrency exchanges, mining pools and web & mobile applications in blockchain ecosystem.

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Products we have built in fintech, transactional, low-level and AI systems are used by millions of users worldwide.

What can we do

for your business?

NFT - Non-Fungible Token

Products for NFT environment

Dapps and smart contracts

DApps and Smart Contracts

Exchanges (CEX, DEX)

Exchanges (CEX, DEX)

Mobile & web apps

Mobile & Web applications

UI & UX design

Comprehensive UI/UX

Blockchain bridges

Blockchain Bridges

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Technologies we use:

Rust technology
OpenZeppelin technology
Solidity technology
WalletConnect technology
HardHat technology
Metamask technology
Alchemy technology
Kubernetes technology
Python technology
TensorAlpha technology
Docker technology
React technology
Pytorch technology
Flutter technology

How it's done

We know the business inside out.

TEONITE has the right process and an expert team of developers, designers and managers at it's disposal.

This potent mix allows us to minimize different business and technological risks most companies will eventually face.

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Interview & Discover

During our first meeting, you will be introduced into our cooperation process in detail.

Then we will ask some discovery questions to identify your expectations, business goals and establish the framework for further cooperation.

Define & Plan

“The problem well defined is a problem half solved” - that saying has a true value in it. In the beginning of each development phase we devote a lot of energy and focus on the process of requirements definition, architecture and design.

This allows our teams to save time during development, avoid unnecessary work and meet your expectations every time.

Roadmaps which we create and maintain with you (or your Product Owner) keep us on track regarding the high level business goals.

Design & Develop

We form a team for you and kick off the production phase.

Your product is being built step by step in weekly or bi-weekly increments. Each phase ends with something tangible and available for your review.

Deploy & Guide

Even the greatest products are of no use if users can’t access them.

We will select most adequate infrastructure to run your product and prepare deployment environment, to get your product ready for launch.

Live product

Every product needs support and maintenance.

We will set up a production environment in the environment of choice (Google Cloud Platform, AWS, your dedicated servers) and monitor it according to a specific SLA.

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