Angular2-Auth for Django REST Framework

Three months ago we've released Angular-DRF-Auth, an Angularjs library for user authentication based on Token Authentication in Django REST. Now, we have made a similar module for Angular 2 Framework. You can get the angular2-auth at GitHub.

Angualar2-Auth helps in user authentication for an API built in Django by providing access control for protected components, allowing to easily obtain a token and store it in localstorage for further usage.


  • Time efficient: cut on boilerplate code
  • Simple log-in form & redirection to log-in form if unlogged user tries to access the application
  • Obtaining a token only by configuring the obtain-token url
  • Storing the token in localstorage so it can be added to every request passed to the backend
  • Simple design based on component paradigm
  • Angular 2 Route support by adding a custom protected router outlet

Open Source

This Angular 2 library is published open source. We also plan to develop it for other backends as well as other types of authentication. Full angular2-auth documentation (installation process and basic usage) can be found at here, at TEONITE GitHub.

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