What happens when a leading investment company in Poland needs a bullet-proof financial system for their clients? They look for an ambitious software company that can accept a challenge to build a real time financial platform, capable of operating on a wide spectrum of markets - OTC, Forex, Private Equity, Real Estates or Obligations.

That is how we joined ranks with Solution Partners, one of the most innovative investment companies in Europe!

After laying foundations for their business by building back office systems, the story goes on. Later this year we are going to launch a new robust platform with a state of the art architecture for our client.

We have a vision of how an investment software should look like and we will be happy to show more once it is ready. When working with Solution Partners we rely on our long term experience in building advanced financial systems.

We always wanted to work with a software company that is ambitious to go beyond current standards and reliable to ensure stability of our business. After months of partnership with TEONITE we know they are this type of company.

Tomasz Piwonski, CEO, Solution Partners**

True art of software development

Building software has many challenges but when you implement real time financial solutions then it becomes a true art of software development.

Here are some challenges that we face during development:

  • planning & architecture is the key - that is why we have the best minds on board to outline software architecture, data structures, mark relations, bottlenecks, predict potential issues, plan use cases and make sure that at the end of the day the system is bullet-proof,
  • understanding your client’s business - it doesn’t happen often when you ask a developer to read a 500-pages book about financial markets, but it is the necessity - when you build complex systems you have to understand the realities your software will operate in because all the little details are important
  • high availability - with critical IT solutions microseconds matters that is why we make sure that the system is up and running 24/7 - reliable cloud hosting, strict SLA procedures, backups and redundancy systems in place allow us to keep the promise
  • bullet-proof testing - with real time systems in finance every comma and every line of the code has to be perfect - strict Quality Assurance processes, automated tests and result oriented teamwork, make us and our Client confident about outcomes.

Stay tuned for more news later this year!