Enter the Evolution Chamber

We proudly present you the Evolution Chamber – our contribution to open source.

When you take a look at the state of modern IT industry, it is clear that open source resources are commonly used in any possible situation. Almost every IT company and team of developers use open source as a base for their software. At least, we do. This is why we’ve created the Evolution Chamber – to return the ‘debt’ we took through many years of our business.

Evolution Chamber is a hub for all open source projects, modules, and tools we have released in past as well as for all of the future developments. Evolution Chamber’s design was made by Krzysztof Kamrowski. If you are a geek, you may find it interesting, that we have developed a character system used to generate names of released projects. Why make separate logo for each entry, when you can use an algorithm that picks three numbers and code them in the font inspired by DNA helix and hexagrams?

Evolution Chamber Logo & Font Costuction Sheet

We’ll be publishing new projects regularly, but not without thorough testing; quality comes first. We have already planned another dozen or so modules to be released in near future. Lastly, we sincerely welcome you to Evolution Chamber and invite you to share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas with us.

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