We’re very happy and excited to be part of another huge project by Polityka, a new mobile app created by a team of specialists from different fields of expertise - editor and journalist Mariusz Herma, all editors engaged in the development and testing, Maciej Błaźniak from Ładne Halo as well as Gabriela Kunert and her marketing team. It was a great experience to work with all of them on the Fiszki development.

Fiszki is a mobile application focused on delivery of quality information. In this article we’d like to share our thoughts on Fiszki app; what we find as the most important design choices and how it approaches issues Polityka’s team defined.

It was quite a challenge for each of us in the project. As a 60-year-old magazine, we wanted to connect with 20-year-olds. And offer them our in-depth articles in a rearranged and concise form, but without losing any merit. Our graphic designer was asked to come up with something modern and old school at the same time, and to recreate that paper-like feeling on a smartphone screen. And the TEONITE team had to implement all those quirks and provide a seamless and fun experience.

Mariusz Herma, Fiszki Polityki

What is Fiszki all about?

In short, Fiszki is a mobile publication platform, that gives its users a wide range of daily information on topics such as economics, politics, culture, business and sports. even though it sound like any other info app available on the market, there are some things that clearly differentiate Fiszki from other similar mobile applications.

First thing is, Fiszki is not a simple aggregation of content from different popular platforms. All of the articles are written by handpicked team of experienced journalists and editors who thoroughly check and verify all of the information before publishing anything.

Secondly, you won’t get overwhelming walls of text, overly fat reports and encyclopedia-like articles. Instead, all information are presented in very condensed form (on which I’ll talk a bit later) where each sentence of any publication must be meaningful and add new facts to whole article. There’s no place for empty journalism and useless claptrap.

Here’s a short video presentation of the app from Fiszki Polityki:

"Fiszki Polityki - try new app from Polityka newsmagazine"

Fiszki - for people by people

Now, a fun fact that is obvious from Polish language perspective, but need some explanation for English audience: Word ‘fiszki’ can be directly translated in English as “flip cards”. Moreover, its pronunciation is very similar to English word ‘fish’ (‘Fiszki’ are exactly pronounced as /’fɪʃki:/). Thus, the flipcard-fish logo. All in all, it makes it a really good pun in Polish.

Main target of the Fiszki mobile app are young people. A big, thoroughly executed research of a target audience was the cornerstone of Fiszki app. In short, Polityka and Mariusz Herma made a long-range research with a group of volunteers between 15 to 20 years old. The main goal was to find how young people deal with information noise, what they really want to know about the words and in what form should the information be presented to them. The research ended with a hackathon during which all participant was asked to design the form in which they would like to get their daily set of information.

And that’s what we like: working with strictly determined requirements based on exact data.

Design with UX in mind

Merits for Fiszki’s design should go primarily to Maciej Błaźniak from Ładne Halo creative studio. Each article is presented as a set of digital flip cards. This form of presentation forces authors of articles to be precise, facts-oriented and as meaningful as possible. From the user experience perspective, it drastically cuts the information noise.

Of course, the app has to be interesting. This was accomplished by colorful design and appropriate approach to the UX/UI. We all took a great care to ensure that each action a user can take in Fiszki is extremely satisfying. Every interaction with the application is smooth. The interface is very intuitive. Fiszki mobile app has a proper user onboarding elements included, yet we’re almost sure it could easily go without them. Still, better safe than sorry.

TEONITE’s role in Fiszki development

Our job as TEONITE was to forge all of the mentioned ideas into stable, usable product. Of course, we had to write the mobile applications for iOS and Android while achieving smooth UX and UI feeling.

However what was evenly important was to make sure that all back-end related services are working correctly. We had to build the system that could easily support thousands of simultaneous user while still being fast and bug-free (e.g.subscriptions have to work correctly, user doesn’t have to wait for chosen article). We also had to build CMS for editors and journalists for adding and managing content. carried out from the technological perspective and that the app itself is well developed and thoroughly tested.

All in all, there was a ton of requirements and issues to attend to - some were big, some were small, all were evenly important. Everything was thoroughly tested - we made sure that the app runs fast, all notifications work as intended, everything is safe and secure and no unwanted interactions will annoy Fiszki’s users.

Up and running

Fiszki is now available for both Android and iOS platforms at App Store and Google Play respectively. Stay tuned for more information on mobile apps development and programming challenges.