How many times were you in a situation where ready-made solutions did not meet your expectations? Because for us this is a pretty common occurrence :D

We like to use ready-made solutions, which actually work, because why should we reinvent the wheel? But whenever we find an opportunity to contribute to the Open Source community, we gladly do so.

Additionally, we love automation (!) which allows us to save lots of time in the production process. This is the reason we are working intensively on the project of automating our whole infrastructure.

Galaxy Cloud project is all about developing and supporting our favorite ‘bulletproof’ cloud. It is designed in such a way, that any person can introduce changes to it (from the physical layer to services) because of GIT Merge Request (yes - we do not introduce changes on servers in shell). Our system reacts to them automatically - the whole CI/CD and testing process is started before implementation, and in case of failure it performs a ‘rollback’ on its own.

We are looking for somebody who would like to take part in the development of this project and, in cooperation with us, bring it to the release in the Open Source version.

What makes our infrastructure stand out?

  • Development processes are based on our own cloud and PaaS is based on components like: Docker, Rancher, HAproxy, SaltStack, Corosync, Pacemaker and a significant amount of our own code (which we would like to share soon as an Open Source project).
  • Our own cloud/pass of which all components are subjected to full process of CI/CD (continuous integration & delivery); each component (from VLAN to a given service) is managed by version control system (Git) and before implementation it goes through the whole process of testing - this distinguishes it from other solutions, ie. Amazon/Google or Open Source.
  • The entire infrastructure works on virtual machines which are a part of CI/CD process and in worst case scenario - meaning wrong implementation - the cloud automatically performs a ‘rollback’.

Who are we?

TEONITE is a team of almost 25 people, brought together with passion and the will to create. We have been building vast and scalable systems for, among others, movie studios, telecom operators or product companies -

We work on projects which are in our area of expertise and interest - Data Science, Machine Learning and AI:

Our other passions we forge into internal projects and supporting the IT community:


What do we offer?

  • Participation in Galaxy Cloud project, which aims to develop and maintain the cloud as well as prepare it for release in the Open Source version.
  • Cooperation with development teams in delivering both local and international projects (i.e. preparing a cluster of NVIDIA DGX machines, help with setting up CI/CD process, etc.)
  • Flexible working hours - results are what matters, not the time you spend at the office.
  • Ability to work partially remotely (our data center is based in Szczecin, so we’re looking for people who are able to reach us in a relatively short time, which means Szczecin and its surroundings).
  • Autonomy and ability to work on your own, original ideas.
  • A place for learning, developing skills, but also sharing the knowledge.
  • Freedom of speech and freedom of choice.
  • Broad perspective on the world and the galaxy :)
  • Constructive feedback.
  • And a couple more things that we will gladly talk about during the meeting.

Let us know if:

  • You are familiar (from daily use) with GNU/Linux (or NetBSD/FreeBSD) systems;
  • You are able to write scripts in Bash language;
  • You know the version control system Git;
  • You feel like working in small teams;
  • You have the urge to improve, automate and discover new technologies.
  • Send us your CV including a few words about yourself: or simply pop in for a coffee and let’s talk :)

We offer a compensation of 3500 - 6000 PLN netto (B2B) as well as widely known and liked cooperation perks: integration trips, company parties, trainings and workshops, comfortable office with parking places, coffee and tea, fresh fruits, pool table and chill-room.

We’re looking forward to talking to you!