What is Infoshare

InfoShare is one of the biggest international conferences in Central and Eastern Europe. The official statistics claim that 2019 edition has drawn around 6000 participants (in comparison, the year prior this number was lower by 25%). The idea behind it is to enable participants to share and gather knowledge as well as just gain inspiration and get to know each other.

What is interesting is the fact that Infoshare is not only a tech conference - you can find panels dedicated to business, marketing and sales, as well as hard tech lectures.

Main Topics

This year’s lectures were strongly influenced by the topics of Venture Capitals, Smart Cities and the trend of humanizing companies.

Obviously a good part of the lectures was dedicated to the hottest topic of the recent years - Artificial Intelligence (including a great panel by Marek Kamiński who is about to start an around-the-globe expedition, having an AI robot as a companion.

All I can say as a summary here is, that there were lots of captivating and current subjects presented by awesome, professional lecturers. If you want to know more about the 2019 agenda, here it is: https://infoshare.pl/agenda/


Organisators’ efforts to make everything flawless and professional were clearly visible. And they succeeded most of the time.

Unfortunately with an event of this size, some slip-ups are inevitable. There are three main points I would like to address in terms of organisation:

  • Lectures starting too early or too late (the biggest delay I have witnessed was about 20 minutes) - this issue is difficult to resolve but adding even a 5 minute buffer between lectures would mitigate a lot.
  • At least one lecture was repeated - the same speaker, different name, but the same content of the presentation - which is misleading and really not cool.
  • Last but not least - some lectures had english titles (indicating that the lecture will be in English), but the speaker used Polish throughout the entire lecture. Taking into account that lots of non polish speakers have attended the conference, there is only one way to comment such occurrence - unacceptable.

Summary - IS it worth it?

Despite some obvious organisational flaws (which are pretty easy to be improved in the following years), I would still say that it is worth to attend the Infoshare conference. The sheer amount of speakers and topics, allows everyone to find something of interest. Attending the conference also gives a chance to network and meet lots of very interesting people.

What is also amazing is the fact that each of the speakers was very open to a post-lecture conversation and absolutely eager to help! So not only you can benefit from attending the lecture, but you can also get to meet the person behind it and pick her/his brain!

Big up to Mick Griffin from Brand24 for an awesome speech and a very insightful talk afterwards!

So Infoshare, see you next year!