Meet our status board

We are excited to share with you details about our internal project called "TEONITE Status". It is placed in a central part of our office, displayed on a large LCD TV on one of our walls. You can't miss it!

Why we created it? Because running a software development company is like managing production in a factory - there is a lot of going on and you need to have a good view on what is happening in different areas of the company, keep track of various metrics and make sure deadlines are met and projects are successfully delivered to clients.

We have many people on board with different sets of competence, various tools, applications & systems. We wanted to have control over that and make sure that each team member knows where we are.

One system to gather all

What we did is we designed a good-looking dashboard that combines data from our core systems that we use on a daily basis:

TEONITE Status - Explanation of different areas So when you sit in our dining area drinking eating lunch or drinking fritz-cola you can have a glance on Status and be up-to-date with the operations and observe things are moving forward.

We really had fun creating that app and we have more ideas to come!

What's inside?

To sum up, just a few technical stuff on what is inside of Status.

Base technology:

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