Spring has come so it’s finally time for some spring cleaning! While most yearly retros are done around New Year, we like to do it on the first days of spring, with clear heads and without any rush.

But first, we did some ACTUAL spring cleaning to boost our working space a bit. Nice, huh? I particularly like the new plants picked for their air cleaning properties and looks. In that order.

TEONITE new office

Retrospection of the last year

For one, we’ve welcomed new partners! As for today, TEONITE is managed by five people in total. All of them have huge experience in general IT development but also data science, machine learning, and project management.

Our team has also grown a little bit. Bringing new person into a team is always a challenge: Is he good? Can we depend on him? Will he fit in? Can we learn something from him and can he learn something from us? Luckily, all of the guys that joined TEONITE proven to be trustworthy, hardworking and clear-thinking. Yet, we’re still in the middle of the hiring process, looking for senior full-stack developers.

We also did some great projects. We have made a quite beefy CRM for Sport Club Sp. z o.o. which is one of the biggest online sports stores in Poland. It was a lot of fun working with their network and phone system. Also, Sport Club Sp. z o.o. CRM was one of the fastest projects of this kind we ever did - the entire system was built, tested and deployed in just one month. SportClub team presented great communication skills which made everything go very smoothly.

We have taken up some serious data science projects which are still ongoing. We also worked together with Polityka Insight on their new mobile platform which once again proved our skill in building multi-platform web and mobile publishing systems. We also did some nice data visualization for Splentum which specializes in financial data aggregation and analysis. You can get a taste of it at Evolution Chamber.

As for Evolution Chamber - we’re hardcore supporters of open source community. Because we use libraries and resources made by someone else on a daily basis, we decided to give back what we borrowed from the community. Thus, we released Evolution Chamber which is a place for all of our open source projects, modules and libraries. There you can find, among other projects, our Satellite Chart Library, SuperResoultion (convolutional neural network for image scaling) made by our senior developer and TEONITE’s partner Andrzej, as well as Angular2-Auth - Angular2 module for backend Token Authentication.

2017 started with a bang. Fiszki Polityki is a mobile app from Polityka on which we and many other experts in their respective fields worked for a whole year.

Fiszka in our office

The approach to the daily press and quality content is very interesting and we’re proud to be part of Fiszki team. You can read our thoughts on Fiszki at our blog.

So, what’s the plan for the rest of 2017?

We surely want to release and back up the open source community much more. Among other, smaller modules, we have at least one major project in our pipeline to be released in April/May so keep in touch and check out Evolution Chamber. All I can say for now, is that its main goal is to boost teamwork and motivation for testing and rewriting code.

We have a constant stream of projects and contracts and there’s much to be done. Still, the more the better! We would especially like to participate in more projects concerning huge datasets and do some data science projects, so if you happen to have something in mind, feel free to contact us.

As mentioned before, we’re also looking for new developers. We’d like to grow a little bit more as a team, both in numbers and in quality, but new teammates need to be the best specialists in their field of interest. Quality over quantity. Are you up for the challenge? Let’s talk! We’re currently hunting for senior full-stack developer.

Full of hope, we’re determined to produce well-written quality code, to create technology that helps and not annoys and time to still have some fun in our busy lives. Which we also wish you all!