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Bootstrapping development process using Agile principles - TEONITE's Hints

In today’s blog post we will focus on the process of bootstrapping development process using Agile principles. This is the second part of our series describing various aspects of development process in the context of “Team as a Service” model. In layman terms, in general, bootstrapping is a name...

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Offshore Software House from Developer's Perspective

There is approximately bazillion articles describing finding, building or managing offshore development team from startup founder or CEO/CTO perspective. Although there are some sources talking about how a good offshore software company should be like, there’s not much about how it is to actually...

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How to Keep Track of Multiple Projects

TEONITE is an agile development team and each one of us is specialized in different field of information technology. We’re mainly a service company, so it’s natural we take on many projects simultaneously. One of the most important and most difficult things to do is to keep track of multiple proj...

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Thoughts on Code Refactoring, Agile Development and Technical Debt

If you’ve never heard about code refactoring or you’re not very convinced of its value, now is the time to patch things up. Code refactoring practices often happen to be omitted which can become very problematic at advanced stages of product development or in the case of a product in constant dev...

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