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Probably the first Open-Source T-Shirts in the World

Company t-shirts are one of the most popular and easily achievable forms of promotion that helps in building brand awareness. Sometimes you’ll see them as just a logo with a tagline, sometimes they’re decorated with a fancy graphics. Usually, company t-shirts are easy and inexpensive to make, so ...

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Angular2-Auth for Django REST Framework

Three months ago we’ve released Angular-DRF-Auth, an Angularjs library for user authentication based on Token Authentication in Django REST. Now, we have made a similar module for Angular 2 Framework. You can get the angular2-auth at GitHub. Angualar2-Auth helps in user authentication for an API...

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7 well-known websites and web apps built in AngularJS

AngularJS is by far our favorite framework for frontend web development. It is a complete solution for dynamic, single-page web applications that has all of the necessary tools integrated. Led by curiosity, I wanted to find out what big names use Angular for their websites and web apps (we alrea...

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Designing a Content-Based Platform – A General Insight into

Today, many content-based companies live up to the ‘the more the better’ maxim. However, it is not the same for each and every company or enterprise. In fact, there are many tools other than publishing content that answers the problem of expanding a business influence on the market. TechSoup sin...

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Angular authentication (and authorization) based on Django REST Framework tokens

TL;DR Authenticate AngularJS app with Django (REST framework) backend using Token Based Authentication written in Coffee Script. Code: HERE Intro At the time there was no module like this available - so we’ve created one. We love simplicity! We’ve put much effort in making this module as slim ...

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Meet our status board

We are excited to share with you details about our internal project called “TEONITE Status”. It is placed in a central part of our office, displayed on a large LCD TV on one of our walls. You can’t miss it! Why we created it? Because running a software development company is like managing produc...

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