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Case Study - web portal for smart city agency from Berlin

The cities of the future, so called ‘smart cities’ are a popular subject nowadays - and it is no surprise. At a time of such rapid technological growth, it is difficult not to come across this phrase. So far, TEONITE has supported various initiatives, i.e. Open Source, but we had this internal ne...

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Deep Image 2.0 - showcasing results

If you’re not familiar with Deep Image, it’s an amazing tool which allows you to increase the size of an image and upgrade its quality at the same time. You can find it, and use for free HERE The goal of this blog post is to focus on the main changes and showcase the results of DI 2.0 algorithm...

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Case study: how to integrate lots of data to substantial online shop while working remotely with a very dispersed team

One of the largest film and TV production companies in the world asked us to refresh, modernize and adapt the previous version of their online shop to meet the challenges of a modern user and dynamically developing technology. The whole project was made entirely remotely in cooperation with Calif...

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Recruitment in IT - a case study from the Full Stack Developer search

At the beginning, I would like to point out that I am not an HR specialist - for several years I have been active in the field of marketing and until now the topic of recruitment in IT was foreign to me. Therefore, the more I am happy that today I can present you my first case study on searching ...

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