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SDR Mobile for Android now in Play Store!

SDR Mobile for Android now available in Google Play! SDR MakerSpace Android mobile application is finally publicly available in Google Play store. If you haven’t heard anything about the app, or would like to know more about the project, I invite you to read our announcement of the project in c...

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‘Conquest of space’ with Libre Space Foundation and European Space Agency!

We have some big news we could not wait to share with you all! TEONITE has partnered up with Libre Space Foundation for SDR Makerspace project, funded by European Space Agency (ESA), and we couldn’t be more excited about such cooperation! “SDR Makerspace is an initiative of the European Space A...

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What is Data Warehouse and how it works - real examples

What is a Data Warehouse? A data warehouse is a system that can pull a lot of data from many different sources within an organization and present it in a different, usually user-friendly way. It is often used for analyzing and reporting. Its main purpose is to make important business decisions ...

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