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TEONITE has joined Kaggle competition - PLAsTiCC Astronomical Classification part 1

Watching the universe and being fascinated by it is the one thing that all humans, that have ever lived, have in common. Even today, knowing as much as we do, it still is an extremely humbling and wonderful experience. Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Unfortunately, until now we could only watch...

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Case study: how to integrate lots of data to substantial online shop while working remotely with a very dispersed team

One of the largest film and TV production companies in the world asked us to refresh, modernize and adapt the previous version of their online shop to meet the challenges of a modern user and dynamically developing technology. The whole project was made entirely remotely in cooperation with Calif...

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You don’t need to go far to attend the best IT conference! Choose Berlin! - update

I have never thought that the best IT conference could hide under my nose and it could be free, full of excellent, high-level presentations and be even more engaging than any other conferences I’ve been to. Ready to find out about Machine Intelligence Summit Berlin? So read my summary and let’s m...

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Highlights of PyData Berlin 2017 Conference

Societal biases’ impact on machine learning algorithms. Natural Language Processing. Manipulating the vox populi and ethics in machine learning. You could learn much about these topics at PyData Berlin 2017. I’ve been there and here’s what I saw. Natural Language Processing One of the main topic...

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