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Galaxy Cloud Project is looking for a Junior DevOps!

How many times were you in a situation where ready-made solutions did not meet your expectations? Because for us this is a pretty common occurrence :D We like to use ready-made solutions, which actually work, because why should we reinvent the wheel? But whenever we find an opportunity to contri...

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InspectR - implement elements of gamification in programmer daily work

Programming is our passion. It drives us to create internal tools that improve our creative process. For the time being, over 50 such tools have come out of our production. Most of them we will definitely make “public” because we are not a typical, passive part of the community and we love to cre...

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TEONITE now a member of the Docker Partner Program

TEONITE is now the official partner of Docker! We’ve just joined Docker Partner Program. “Docker provides a completely open platform for developing distributed applications. All our solutions are build, run, and deployed at scale using Docker. We plan to open source our in-house solutions su...

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