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Enlarging eCommerce photos using Deep-Image - case study

If you are an eCommerce owner you know that hi-resolution and quality images are important. They can catch customers’ attention, significantly raising conversion rates and sales. When products are greatly presented, clients buy them with a good grace. eCommerce was rapidly growing year by year. ...

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Enhancing marketplace photos using AI web app (Deep-Image) - case study

In this case study, I would like to show how you can improve photos quality and by that influence directly conversion rate and KPIs in marketplaces such as Booking, Belvilla, Airbnb, Hotels, Kayak, and others. Let’s start with the fact that 90% of online buyers say that photo quality is the most...

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Batch image processing with using Google Drive

Batch processing is finally available in! This feature allows you to process many images simultaneously. If you’re a photographer, run an animation studio or make videos - batch processing can significantly speed up and support your workflow. Currently batch-processing allows to e...

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