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Deep Image 2.0 - showcasing results

If you’re not familiar with Deep Image, it’s an amazing tool which allows you to increase the size of an image and upgrade its quality at the same time. You can find it, and use for free HERE The goal of this blog post is to focus on the main changes and showcase the results of DI 2.0 algorithm...

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Deep Image - how Machine Learning improves your images [UPDATED]

Here you can find an update about Deep Image 2.0 in numbers: UPDATE 28.10.2019 Let’s start with the fact that we are amazed and extremely grateful for how well received the Deep Image was. Thank you all for all the feedback, support and engagement. This is exactly what drives us to keep on creat...

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Convolutional neural networks as an answer to image scaling issues

Let’s face the truth. You all thought about us as Python and Django lovers and Angular freaks. Even if you are right, there’s more that meets the eye. I, for one, made my own, now not-so-private research on the topic of convolutional neural networks. What I wanted to do, was to test the image s...

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