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5 Common Misconceptions about Open Source

The Evolution Chamber went online roughly a month ago and it pushed me to think a bit more on open source topic. Myths about open source were always present; back when open source was for radicals and hipsters and now when it went mainstream. In this text, I made a list of five common misconcep...

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D3 Satellite Chart Library

Today, we give you our D3 Satellite Chart Library. This chart started as a part of financial data analysis project and was specifically made for presenting indicators together with their values in intuitive, interesting and readable way. Strong point of this chart’s design is the approach to ind...

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Enter the Evolution Chamber

We proudly present you the Evolution Chamber – our contribution to open source. When you take a look at the state of modern IT industry, it is clear that open source resources are commonly used in any possible situation. Almost every IT company and team of developers use open source as a base fo...

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Angular2-Auth for Django REST Framework

Three months ago we’ve released Angular-DRF-Auth, an Angularjs library for user authentication based on Token Authentication in Django REST. Now, we have made a similar module for Angular 2 Framework. You can get the angular2-auth at GitHub. Angualar2-Auth helps in user authentication for an API...

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Angular authentication (and authorization) based on Django REST Framework tokens

TL;DR Authenticate AngularJS app with Django (REST framework) backend using Token Based Authentication written in Coffee Script. Code: HERE Intro At the time there was no module like this available - so we’ve created one. We love simplicity! We’ve put much effort in making this module as slim ...

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Our deployment tool opensourced!

During the first FixFusion in May 2014 we have released one of our Internal systems - a TEONITE Deployment tool for deployment, provisioning and database migration to the OpenSource world. Many great products come from solving your own problem. The same happened with this project. We welcome the ...

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