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Docker Registry 2 frontend with HAProxy and SSL

All our services run on Docker and are load balanced using HAProxy. One of those services is Docker Registry 2. If you have the same case, the configuration for proxy/LB Docker Registry 2 using HAproxy via SSL is not that sreightforward. So here is a working and ready configuration for that: fr...

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Quick Tip: YouTrack & InteliJ IDEA, PyCharm

If your main development environment is InteliJ IDEa or PyCharm, you can speed up writing commit messages via integrating YouTrack task right into IDE. Benefits? Automatic task status change -> In Progress Commit message including task id and title Context change lists +10 to awesom...

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Quick Tip: Keeping your local Docker registry clean

Docker is a great tool, but when using it on a daily basis to build your environments - especially like we when we use Docker to build development, testing and production environments - your local registry tends to grow in terms of size (and number of images). Here are two useful commands for ke...

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Quick Tip: debug WebSocket realtime data using your browser

When building realtime solutions using web technologies we often use WebSocket communication. There are several ways to debug WebSocket data, but we found this very useful during our development proces. Displaying realtime WebSocket data using Chrome/Firefox/Safari Web Console If you would like...

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