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Bootstrapping development process using Agile principles - TEONITE's Hints

In today’s blog post we will focus on the process of bootstrapping development process using Agile principles. This is the second part of our series describing various aspects of development process in the context of “Team as a Service” model. In layman terms, in general, bootstrapping is a name...

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Galaxy Cloud Project is looking for a Junior DevOps!

How many times were you in a situation where ready-made solutions did not meet your expectations? Because for us this is a pretty common occurrence :D We like to use ready-made solutions, which actually work, because why should we reinvent the wheel? But whenever we find an opportunity to contri...

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Building a Team - Hints for Project Managers and Product Owners

INTRODUCTION In this series of articles I would like to share practical aspects of the development process in context of Team as a Service (TaaS) model, drawn from our team’s experience in delivering commercial projects. In particular you will find out about: ‘selecting’ team members with ade...

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Freelance, Outsourcing or TaaS - best cooperation model for software development

This blog post is intended to be a brief summary of most popular solutions in terms of software development. Let’s be clear - flexibility and agility are the key factors of success in today’s IT world. You either act swiftly and adapt or you start to fall behind. One of the main reasons of failur...

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Offshore Software House from Developer's Perspective

There is approximately bazillion articles describing finding, building or managing offshore development team from startup founder or CEO/CTO perspective. Although there are some sources talking about how a good offshore software company should be like, there’s not much about how it is to actually...

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5 guidelines on how to choose a software company

If you want to grow your company and beat competitors, sooner or later you will invest in IT solutions that will solve problems in a particular area of your business and improve operational processes. This would require co-operation with a software company which becomes new experience for most o...

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