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TEONITE has joined Kaggle competition - PLAsTiCC Astronomical Classification part 1

Watching the universe and being fascinated by it is the one thing that all humans, that have ever lived, have in common. Even today, knowing as much as we do, it still is an extremely humbling and wonderful experience. Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Unfortunately, until now we could only watch...

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You probably have never heard about SatNOGS and this is why you should

TL;DR What can be more fantastic and geeky than a project that connects: OpenSource software (a lot of software), Open Source hardware and space (by satellite communication)?! “Open and Accessible Outer Space for all” Sounds like a revolutionary slogan? Maybe, but the whole idea is very simple:...

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Probably the first Open-Source T-Shirts in the World

Company t-shirts are one of the most popular and easily achievable forms of promotion that helps in building brand awareness. Sometimes you’ll see them as just a logo with a tagline, sometimes they’re decorated with a fancy graphics. Usually, company t-shirts are easy and inexpensive to make, so ...

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TechFusion Sky: Software Engineering and High-Tech in Space Industry

We’re huge space geeks. That’s why the guest of TechFusion Sky event was Matt Harasymczuk, a pilot, aerospace and software engineer as well as astrobiologist, currently working in the European Space Agency in around a dozen of projects. Generally (duh!), a very impressive figure that seems to per...

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