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You probably have never heard about SatNOGS and this is why you should

TL;DR What can be more fantastic and geeky than a project that connects: OpenSource software (a lot of software), Open Source hardware and space (by satellite communication)?! “Open and Accessible Outer Space for all” Sounds like a revolutionary slogan? Maybe, but the whole idea is very simple:...

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Spring Cleaning - Retrospection of the Last Year

Spring has come so it’s finally time for some spring cleaning! While most yearly retros are done around New Year, we like to do it on the first days of spring, with clear heads and without any rush. But first, we did some ACTUAL spring cleaning to boost our working space a bit. Nice, huh? I part...

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Enter the Evolution Chamber

We proudly present you the Evolution Chamber – our contribution to open source. When you take a look at the state of modern IT industry, it is clear that open source resources are commonly used in any possible situation. Almost every IT company and team of developers use open source as a base fo...

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How we use Rasberry PI in our office

The moment we saw Rasberry Pi we were thinking on how we can make use of it in our office. It came out that there are a few things Rasberry Pi 1 Model B+ can do pretty well and it was our geeky nature that pushed us to play around with it and see it in action. What is Rasberry Pi? “The Raspberr...

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Meet our status board

We are excited to share with you details about our internal project called “TEONITE Status”. It is placed in a central part of our office, displayed on a large LCD TV on one of our walls. You can’t miss it! Why we created it? Because running a software development company is like managing produc...

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