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Why do we build Open Source solutions at TEONITE?

Programming is our passion. It drives us to create tools that streamline our creative process. That is why we publish almost all of these solutions in the Open Source version and let the community use and modify them. Problem? So why we are building Open Source solutions Often when working on a...

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Case study: how to integrate lots of data to substantial online shop while working remotely with a very dispersed team

One of the largest film and TV production companies in the world asked us to refresh, modernize and adapt the previous version of their online shop to meet the challenges of a modern user and dynamically developing technology. The whole project was made entirely remotely in cooperation with Calif...

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Web Applications Development Part 1: Taming ReactJS - Redux, Stateless Functions and ESLint

Last time I talked about workflow and scrum in our latest big web app project. Today, I’d like to share on what were our initial assumptions that served as the starting point, the process of learning and taming React, and how we treated React throughout the project (or rather how React treated u...

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