Junior Product Owner & Business Development

Location: Szczecin, Poland

Salary: 2 000 - 4 000 PLN nett

Technology stack:

Agile regular

English good speech & writing


Deep Image is a top global (2nd in the world according to Google) AI based image processing platform (web & mobile), with more than:

  • 5k daily new users (over 1 million users to date)
  • Over 200k monthly image transformations
  • On average we have ~40 people from over the world using Deep-Image.AI right now in this second!

Deep Image is a TEONITE Venture Builder product, so you will not only get insights from Deep Image, but from the whole TEONITE team & products.

Who are we looking for?

We would like you to lead the business at some point! But for now, we would like to train you how to:

  • Interact with customers (talking to existing customers)
  • Find new business customers (and use sales tools)
  • Analyse the market and customer feedback to roadmap new features and functionalities
  • Analyse our huge amount of data and learn how to make decisions based on data
  • Do product marketing (campaigns and promotions)
  • Work with the development team to efficiently deliver product improvements based on Agile methodology (SCRUM/Kanban)
  • Learn about AI & Machine Learning technologies (of the future!)

After training you will be planning and executing the business strategy (with KPI analysis and execution) as well as the product development

Going into the future - it is also possible to go into CEO direction with an option plan!

We offer:

  • Remote work
  • A laptop and a mobile phone
  • Working in TEONITE office space with a private “coffee house”
  • Office snacks (fresh fruits, brain food (various types of nuts, dried fruit, etc))
  • 3-6 month contract in the beginning with salary corresponding to your knowledge and experience

We require:

  • 3 months+ experience in working with development teams and/or software development services/products area
  • English communications skills (talking & writing)
  • A problem solving approach - analyse the risks and execute a plan!
  • Knowledge of any methodology for task/time management
  • Willingness to learn and dive deep into data analytics tools (eg. Google Analytics, Google Search Console, our DI Analytics Platform, our Customer Relationship System, etc.)


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