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Fashionly is a mobile app that helps you with online shopping. The app can recognize clothes on a photo and search for similar products in online stores (currently Zalando).

Fashionly Case Study - Introduction

The app is based on NeuroAPI - a platform that allows users to easily develop products based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.




  • mobile app
  • UI/UX design
  • machine learning
  • image processing
  • front-end
  • back-end


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The problem

Searching for clothes in eCommerce era is a time-consuming activity - especially when you know exactly what you want. There are thousands of online stores and an infinite amount of fashion wears to choose from.

Fashionly Case Study - Problem

If only there was a simple solution for it, like taking a photo of desired clothes and finding the right item to buy.

The Solution

Fashionly mobile app is capable of scanning through enormous databases in search for a specific clothing item in seconds.

The app’s algorithm uses image processing tasks: segmentation and recognition. The first one identifies what type of clothing item is found in the picture, while the second finds similiar items spread across online shops. When the item matching your photo is found, it is displayed on the screen along with links to online stores.

Fashionly Case Study - Solution

The users can quickly check multiple photos (taken by phone or downloaded from any source of inspiration), save the best results for later use, create a wishlist or shop instantly.

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