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Our client is the leading European chemical industry corporation. Production of hundreds of fertilizer types, and maintenance of complex infrastructure implies constant investments. This creates the need for a solid investment appraisal process and modern tools to handle it.

Navigator Case Study - Introduction


Polish chemical industry leader


  • UI/UX design
  • web application
  • data analytics



The problem

Though the basic need for Investment Appraisal Process was addressed by number of Excel spreadsheets and templates, it was not a sustainable solution for a big business.

Navigator Case Study - Problem

Critical issues

  • Error prone process of collecting project financial data with Excel sheets
  • Lack of transparency in e-mail and Excel based “workflow”
  • Insufficient calculation speed of project and portfolio KPIs
  • Labor intensive calculations of portfolio KPI’s with Excel
  • Very slow and complex investment project portfolio analysis
  • Hard to control underlying project assumptions like oil/gas prices or resources

Growing volume and complexity of projects magnified them and motivated stakeholders to look for better solution. They decided to move the process to fast and easily accessible web application without compromising flexibility of analysis.

The Solution

From business perspective the solution required detailed analysis of existing process and designing it into web application. Scrum based approach helped us a lot with that task.

Navigator Case Study - Solution

Ultimately TEONTIE delivered a custom enterprise grade system based on AngularJS web application and powerful Python/Django backend.

As the result, the project appraisal process has been successfully moved to an online solution.


  • Centralized database of all investment projects accessible online through WEB application
  • Excel-like web based Profit & Loss sheet
  • Fast project input wizard with validation that guarantees data coherency
  • Real time calculation of projects and portfolios KPIs (NPV, IRR, Payback Period)
  • Custom bubble chart visualisation of portfolio structure helps management make better decisions
  • Project stress testing and scenario modules helps identify risks
  • Project acceptance workflow simplifies and speeds up decision making

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