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Fiszki is a mobile publication platform directed to young people, that gives its users a wide range of daily information on topics such as economics, politics, culture, business and sports.

Fiszki Case Study - Introduction

The articles are written by a handpicked team of experienced journalists and editors, who check and verify all of the information before publishing.


Polityka Magazine


  • mobile app development (iOS/Android)
  • back-end
  • content management system



The problem

As a 60-year-old magazine, Polityka wanted to connect with a younger audience of 20-year-olds, and offer them in-depth articles in a rearranged and concise form. It was crucial to come up with something modern and old school at the same time, and to recreate the paper-like feeling on a smartphone screen.

Fiszki Case Study - Problem

The Solution

A big, thoroughly executed research of a target audience was the cornerstone of Fiszki app. Polityka made a long-range research with a group of volunteers between 15 to 20 years old to determine how young people deal with information noise, what they really want to know and in what form the information should be presented to them.

Fiszki Case Study - Solution

The final product was accomplished by creating a modern, colorful user interface, appropriate approach to the user experience and a proper user onboarding. We all took great care to ensure the interface is very intuitive and the app runs smoothly.

We made sure that all back-end related services are safe, secure and work as intended. We had to build a system that could easily support thousands of simultaneous users while still being fast and bug-free, as well as create a CMS for editors and journalists for adding and managing content.

Mariusz Herma Product Owner, Chief Editor

It was quite a challenge for each of us in the project. As a 60-year-old magazine, we wanted to connect with 20-year-olds and offer them our in-depth articles in a rearranged and concise form, but without losing any merit.

Our graphic designer was asked to come up with something modern and old school at the same time, and to recreate that paper-like feeling on a smartphone screen. TEONITE team had to implement all those quirks and provide a seamless and fun experience.

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