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TechSoup runs software donation programs, partnering with many corporate entities, such as Adobe, Cisco, Microsoft or Google. Products of these partners are offered to non-profit organizations in 236 countries and territories around the world.

TechSoup Poland eCommerce platform development case study - Introduction

Being the most popular platform for NGOs, TechSoup has many branches across the globe including the Polish partner - TechSoup Poland.


TechSoup Poland


  • UI/UX design
  • front-end
  • back-end
  • Content Management System
  • technical support



The problem

TechSoup Poland wanted to expand its business capabilities and influence the voluntary sector by providing the users with easy access to all relevant, technology-focused data and content in a simple, clear manner.

TechSoup Poland eCommerce platform development case study - Problem

The Solution

After a few workshops and detailed business analysis with the TechSoup team, we decided to build a platform oriented around user’s easy access to various types of content: articles, events’ descriptions, tutorials and products.

In simple words, we built a web portal with an advanced search engine (based on Elasticsearch) equiped with numerous options, that gives users precise and detailed search results, from blog posts, tutorials, products and other content related to the phrase or keyword they are looking for.

TechSoup Poland eCommerce platform development case study - Solution

From the technological side, the entire project is found on AngularJS and Python-based Django server framework (with Django REST framework). For the deployment and testing needs, we used Docker. This choices gave us the opportunity to build, ship and test the TechSoup platform without worrying about environmental inconsistence.

Karolina Dudzic TechSoup Poland Product Owner

Our main goal is to support NGOs and social institutions in the effective use of innovative technology to raise NGOs efficiency to the next level. We all need to work better and faster to build a clear and consistent social community of NGOs, social activists, and IT specialists to create a good, self-supporting environment.

Because of our technological focus, we decided to partner up with TEONITE to build a reliable and user-friendly platform. Thanks to mutual respect and good teamwork, our goals and ideas were molded into the platform.

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