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Urban Impact is an agency from Berlin, working with smart city startups. Their main goal is to connect all vital puzzle pieces to accelerate and increase urban tech innovation in Europe, which includes working with so diversed actors as cities, startups, venture capitals and academia.

Urban Impact smart city startups agency case study - Introduction


Urban Impact


  • UI/UX design
  • visual identity
  • web development
  • technical support



The problem

Many startups and various incubators treat visual identification very conservatively or even downplay its importance.

Urban Impact smart city startups agency case study - Problem

Urban Impact had to be distinguished not only by competences, but it's visual identity should also raise positive emotions and encourage startups, city authorities, universities and investors to cooperate.

They needed a simple, playful and fresh look.

The Solution

We wanted this project to stand out with easy to remember artwork. Our team decided to go with basic colors and geometric figures - something that is familiar to everyone.

Urban Impact smart city startups agency case study - Solution

Using simple shapes and highly saturated colors, in conjunction with the black and white, gave the project a clean-cut look, in some parts associated with video games - exciting and full of adventures. This design approach was used to create the Urban Impact logo, multiple illustrations and other visual identity elements.

Urban Impact smart city startups agency case study - Solution

For the sources, we've decided to drop the typical approach (CMS) and use a static content generator - Jekyll - in conjunction with the capabilities of GitLab. It gave uscasestudy-urbanimpact.html a full control over the content (thanks to VCS based on Git) and full automation of generating content and releasing new versions (due to GitLab Continuous Integration & Delivery).

Urban Impact smart city startups agency case study - Solution

Dominik Zalewski Co-Founder & CFO

TEONITE have created our logo, webpage, social media graphics and the set of internal documents and rules to follow, when it comes to external communication. In fact, however, they gave us much more. From the pool of our visions and dreams they managed to distill something that we felt related to right away. Now our visual identity gives a boost of confidence when going out to the market.

We really enjoyed working with the Team. Rarely you find such a mix of artistic creativity and tech talent. We keep recommending them ever since.

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