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The purpose

Business analysis

Understanding your ‘WHY?’ is the first and most fundamental step of our work. We ask all sorts of questions during initial interviews, workshops and brainstorming. At the end we have a crystal clear understanding of your goals.

Product backlog and cost evaluation

Business analysis

At this point, we provide you with essential information, based on the initial product backlog. Using our business and software development experience, we can carefully analyze your ideas and estimate the cost of bringing them to life.

Proof of concept

Design sprint

During this phase, we orchestrate constructive discussion using various tools like Design Thinking and Design Sprints. The goal is to maximize product quality using minimum resources.


Development process

Our goal is simple - to build the best product that we can, given your active engagement and feedback. We use the best processes (QA, CI/CD) and software development tools. Our experience in Agile methodologies like Scrum or Kanban enables us to adjust the form of cooperation to the project. Rest assured that you will get what you need.


Development process

TEONITE team will prepare the architecture of your product infrastructure and implement it. We can take care of deploying system to the cloud of your choice, set up a scalable, distributed and fault tolerant environment.

Maintenance & support

Development process

We are convinced that we bring you the best solutions, that's why we provide durable support after the release of the product. We also carry out performance tests and we solve problems that may arise after launch.



We can support you on many levels and lower the risk of misguided decisions and use of inappropriate technologies. We enable faster achievement of your business goals.

Case studies

Read about the end results


Project type:

Mobile App Development


For Polityka, we have built a universal platform supporting the distribution of content to many devices. As part of the project, a microservices architecture was created; a new, integrated publishing platform and mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Windows.


Project type:

Data Science

Web App Development


Financial GPS is a place for those who need an intuitive to use the cockpit driven by intelligent data. Thanks to him, he knows what is good or bad not only in their company, but also in other entities. Solution for both small and medium enterprises.

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