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CityOpps TEONITE Ventures CityOpps

CityOpps is a platform providing easy access to innovation opportunities in over 100 cities across Europe and beyond.


Qvistorp TEONITE Ventures Qvistorp

Series A venture funding

Fintech web based solution for analyzing new business opportunities and allocating capital efficiently on ventures across investment project portfolios.


DeepImage TEONITE Ventures DeepImage

Pre-seed funding

Free Artificial Neural Networks image enhancer which upscales and improves images with one click.


DefGuard TEONITE Ventures DefGuard

DefGuard is an indentity platform focused on on-premise deployments for companies which value their privacy and want to build a secure in-house infrastructure. DefGuard supports identity management, 2FA, MFA, VPN (Wireguard based).

CashFlow TEONITE Ventures CashFlow

Fintech application that forecasts and analysis company future cash flow in real time by integrating various external and internal data sources.


Fashionly TEONITE Ventures Fashionly

Artificial Intelligence based mobile app that helps you to find clothes you like in just a matter of seconds, for free!


Chainside TEONITE Ventures Chainside

Seed funding

A private cryptocurrency trading platform focused on arbitrage, leveraging hyper opt parameter tuning for strategies optimization. In the future there will be a crypto fund based on the platform.


A platform supporting local and regional authorities in creating development strategies, assessing competitiveness and monitoring changes in the environment.


Series A venture funding

Low latency telecommunication solutions and services - not yet publicly available.

NeuroAPI NeuroAPI

Multipurpose Artificial Intelligence platform for delivering AI based business solutions.


WellServed WellServed

Seed fundingExited

Horeca platform for restaurants that enables users to place an order, browse menu and pay directly from their smartphone.




Security platform for OpenVPN management and monitoring platform with internal Certificate Authority.

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