If you want to grow your company and beat competitors, sooner or later you will invest in IT solutions that will solve problems in a particular area of your business and improve operational processes.

This would require co-operation with a software company which becomes new experience for most of the business owners. That is why we gathered 5 points you should pay attention to when choosing a software house.

1. Look for partners, not subcontractors

Implementing new technology solutions in your business is a process that very often takes years. A software company you choose will co-operate closely with you covering more and more areas of your venture. For this reason, you need a company that understands your needs and thinks long-term when managing a relation with you.

Takeway: You need people that can get in your shoes and work for your success constantly improving the software. You need partners, not subcontractors.

2. Tell about your problems, expect solutions

IT solutions should resolve problems you have and bring improvement to your business. To make sure it works that way, tell your potential partners about the pains you have and what goals you would like to achieve. It is their job to tell you how a system should work and what functionalities should be on board.

Takeway: A good software company will ask you a lot of detailed questions to make sure they covered all of the areas and that they understand your business. They should lead the way and be in charge of a project with your business objectives in mind.

3. Good software companies understand IT, great ones also understand business

You don’t want tech people to be just blinded with a their code. You should find people that understand business realities and have a track record of systems that are fit for specific niches.

Takeway: Great software company will advise you different ways of solving your problems and will sometimes even disagree with you to convince you to look at a solution from a different perspective. They are experts and at the end of the day they are responsible for delivering your business objectives.

4. Quickly delivering results with Agile

When building a software you would definitely like to quickly see the results, monitor changes and have an ability to change the direction if requirements alter along the way. The way to achieve it is to use Agile software development methodology, like SCRUM.

Takaway: You need a Project Owner (PO) on your side that will monitor progress of work closely with a Project Manager (PM/Product Proxy) from a software company. With a Single Point Of Contact on your side you will be able to quickly examine results and react if changes to scope of work are required. Can your potential partners explain you how Agile works?

5. Expect only great communication

So once you have a Project Owner on your side and a Product Proxy on their side, then it comes time to ensuring that both parties communicate regularly. Professional software factories will always use an online software for managing a project to make sure that information exchange happens there instead of on e-mail only. Routine catch-ups are a must as well - either on the phone or in person.

Backlog Grooming meeting, that usually happens before each new sprint allows Project Owner on a client side to work with the development team and describe thoroughly requirements to various tasks from backlog. This ensures that at the end of each sprint new functionalities meet clients’ expectations.

Takeway: Keeping-up a good relation and communicating often is necessary to receive a final product that you need and that will solve your problems. Ask a company you talk with about your long-term co-operation, what software for managing project they use and how they would communicate with you.

We will be honest with you - the above list describes how we work with our clients. We focus on quality over quantity to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied.

There are other great companies on the market that keep the same standard & values, but if you would like to work with us - get in touch.