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Our Work

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Predict T-Mobile stores location revenue.

Delivering advanced predictive modeling solutions through machine learning and AI.


Satellite communication system for European Space Agency.

Implementing NOAA satellite data decoding and visualisaton on mobile devices using open standards. Released as Open Source.


Cloud-based digital rights locker used by Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, Warner Bros, Fox, HBO, BBC

Implementing coordinator service enabling consumers to access their purchased content. UltraViolet has over 28 million users with over 250 million movies and TV shows in 13 countries.

Our services

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Discovery & Design

Stakeholder expectations desitilled it into project objectives, specification, technological architecture and risks analysis.

Software Engineering

We deliver high-end products on time and budget. We specialize in delivering mission-critical systems requiring high security standards.

Due Diligence

Tailored technological due diligence services to maximize the value of your investments with informed decisions based on thorough assessments.

UI/UX & Branding

Combining UI/UX and artistic expertise we craft bespoke experiences that enhance brand identity through compelling visuals. We specialize in creating user-centric solutions that elevate your brand's impact.

Research & Development

Innovative projects that challenge the status quo require a unique and flexible process that encourages exploration and effectively manages risks.

Venture Building

We invest in deeptech products in pre-seed and seed stages with cash & equity model.

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