Protecting your organization's data in the AI age

Protecting your organization's data in the AI age Cover art

AI is here to stay and AI tools are great for business when used consciously. But it seems that this is not common knowledge and there is a lack of awareness among business people.

Secure Tauri/Windows Code Signing with Certum HSM

Secure Tauri/Windows Code Signing with Certum HSM Cover art

One of our products — Defguard & WireGuard Desktop Client has multiple platform releases (Linux, MacOS, and Windows). We're building it with our beloved Rust and a great multi-platform desktop framework Tauri.

Navigating the Tech Landscape

Navigating the Tech Cover art

In the fast-paced world of technology, staying ahead of the curve is not just a competitive advantage but a necessity. As a technical leader, you're undoubtedly aware of the challenges in keeping your team informed about the latest tools, platforms, and trends. This is where the concept of a Technology Radar comes into play.

Delusion of Value

Delusion of Value Cover art

Human nature often leans toward pretension and ego. We have a tendency to perceive ourselves through the distorted reflections of status, unaware that we are like figures in a funhouse mirror — a narrative as ancient as our existence. Our societal validation often hinges on materialistic possessions rather than profound ideas. We tend to overlook the wisdom encapsulated in the saying "Clothes don't make the man".

Insights into Collaborating with a Software House for Product Development

Delusion of Value Cover art

In this article we explore the nuances of selecting the optimal product development approach, emphasizing the essential traits to seek for a successful product development journey. A perspective shared by of seasoned expert, leading development teams for 20 years at companies like Allegro, and Shoper.

Building AI products for scale

Building AI products for scale Cover art

The world of AI and image processing is rapidly evolving and staying ahead of the curve requires keen insight into the latest technologies and strategies. This post delves into various aspects of building an Deep Image AI — image processing product, focusing on infrastructure, image resolution, speed, scalability, storage management, quality control, and dataset management. Deep Image serves over a million image processing requests yearly.

Enterprise & Secure Source Code Validation

Enterprise & Secure Source Code Validation Cover art

Together with Casper Network, we're enhancing blockchain accessibility for enterprises by ensuring the security of decentralized application source code.

Strategic Partnership in the Mobile & Security Infrastructure with

Strategic Partnership Cover art

teonite, a deep tech studio specializing in building mission-critical systems with a focus on security, is thrilled to announce its partnership with, a renowned leader in the Polish domain, hosting, and eCommerce infrastructure market for over 25 years.

Today is my 42nd birthday and my present for everyone is our open-source security army knife platform

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Defguard offers a unique combination of security-related functionalities from identity management (OpenID/OAuth2/LDAP) to VPN (Wireguard) to other features (Multi-Factor Authentication, Yubikey provisioning, Web3, Webhooks, etc.). It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an on-premise security infrastructure for your home, a small office, or a large enterprise – most likely Defguard has all the features you need and is very easy to set up. It also has a great and clean UI that business owners can and like to use (not only admins).

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