Enterprise & Secure Source Code Validation

Together with Casper Network, we're enhancing blockchain accessibility for enterprises by ensuring the security of decentralized application source code.


Blockchain as a technology is here to stay and is being widely adopted. But from technology to solutions there is a long road (especially for enterprise solutions).

Making blockchain more accessible and prepared for enterprises is one of Casper Network’s missions - and one of the core challenges in that area is to provide a secure source code (of decentralized applications) for validation and exploration.

We have formed a strategic partnership with Casper Network to deliver a service that will not only provide network deployments source code validation but will deliver enterprise-grade security standards (including secure architecture, Hardware Security Modules, and others).

The source code validation is a critical component of every blockchain in order to intruduce trust layer into any decentralized applications, especially with the real value locked-in. We are very happy that teonite took the challenge of delivering this solution and welcome a new partner to the Casper ecosystem!

Piotr Dziubecki, Program Director - Casper Association

Milestone #1 was already delivered and presented during the last Casper Dev Meetup in Wrocław.

We didn’t expect to see results on this project that quick, especially in the critical path of recreating WASM Rust deployments, so kudos to teonite and we are glad to have them as a partner.

Bartłomiej Stasik, Head of Grants - Casper Ecosystem

Stay tuned for more information about the service soon, as the work progresses – especially since we plan to make significant components of the service #opensource (and plan to incorporate in the service our open-source security platform defguard).

Robert Olejnik - Founder, Security and Open Source Advocate

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