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6 tips for beginner programmers - part 2

The following is the continuation of the “6 tips for beginner programmers” blogpost. 4. Be brave and confident of your own value Since quite a while, beyond programming, I’m also interested in avionics and aeronautics - in short, everything that flies, especially if it flies to outer space. A ...

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6 tips for beginner programmers - part 1

6 tips for beginner programmers A programmer is a craftsman like job. First you are a pupil who acquires the knowledge from the master. In today’s world it might be someone who’s created an online course, a workshop instructor or your supervisor during the internship. Later, when you have all ...

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Galaxy Cloud Project is looking for a Junior DevOps!

How many times were you in a situation where ready-made solutions did not meet your expectations? Because for us this is a pretty common occurrence :D We like to use ready-made solutions, which actually work, because why should we reinvent the wheel? But whenever we find an opportunity to contri...

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Recruitment in IT - a case study from the Full Stack Developer search

At the beginning, I would like to point out that I am not an HR specialist - for several years I have been active in the field of marketing and until now the topic of recruitment in IT was foreign to me. Therefore, the more I am happy that today I can present you my first case study on searching ...

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