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6 tips for beginner programmers - part 1

6 tips for beginner programmers A programmer is a craftsman like job. First you are a pupil who acquires the knowledge from the master. In today’s world it might be someone who’s created an online course, a workshop instructor or your supervisor during the internship. Later, when you have all ...

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Deep Image 2.0 - showcasing results

If you’re not familiar with Deep Image, it’s an amazing tool which allows you to increase the size of an image and upgrade its quality at the same time. You can find it, and use for free HERE The goal of this blog post is to focus on the main changes and showcase the results of DI 2.0 algorithm...

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FOSDEM 2019 summary - part 2

As promised, here is the second part of FOSDEM 2019 coverage. This part will comprise insights of two FOSDEM first timers, Kamil and Michał. But before we dive into those, I wanted to share an awesome thought of one of main FOSDEM organisers. Basically, the man behind FOSDEM - Raphael Bauduin, s...

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FOSDEM 2019 summary - part 1

FOSDEM 2019 SUMMARY Let us start with the fact that only one of us attended FOSDEM before, so we were going there not really sure what to expect. We just knew that it’s one of the biggest open source conferences in the world and it’s hosted yearly during the first weekend of February at the Free...

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Probably the first Open-Source T-Shirts in the World

Company t-shirts are one of the most popular and easily achievable forms of promotion that helps in building brand awareness. Sometimes you’ll see them as just a logo with a tagline, sometimes they’re decorated with a fancy graphics. Usually, company t-shirts are easy and inexpensive to make, so ...

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