Neural Networks

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Optimize Neural Networks I/O - DGX research in TEONITE

In this article, you can find the results of the ANN R&D which we did between other commercial data science & machine learning projects. It contains benchmarks of several data storage methods. The main focus was I/O optimization because nearly every project we do for our clients requires ...

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Highlights of PyData Berlin 2017 Conference

Societal biases’ impact on machine learning algorithms. Natural Language Processing. Manipulating the vox populi and ethics in machine learning. You could learn much about these topics at PyData Berlin 2017. I’ve been there and here’s what I saw. Natural Language Processing One of the main topic...

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Convolutional neural networks as an answer to image scaling issues

Let’s face the truth. You all thought about us as Python and Django lovers and Angular freaks. Even if you are right, there’s more that meets the eye. I, for one, made my own, now not-so-private research on the topic of convolutional neural networks. What I wanted to do, was to test the image s...

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