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Highlights of PyData Berlin 2017 Conference

Societal biases’ impact on machine learning algorithms. Natural Language Processing. Manipulating the vox populi and ethics in machine learning. You could learn much about these topics at PyData Berlin 2017. I’ve been there and here’s what I saw. Natural Language Processing One of the main topic...

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PyCon PL 2016: Personal Impression

Three weeks ago, I together with two other TEONITE developers took part in PyCon PL 2016, a Polish conference obviously dedicated to everything Python-related. Today, three weeks after the conference, I decided to write a bit about my PyCon PL impression and present some conclusion I came with. ...

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Jupyter Notebook in our Development Process

Over the past years, Jupyter Notebook gained much interest from the programming community and is considered one of the most useful and popular tools you can currently find. We’d like to share with you our opinion of Jupyter Notebook and how exactly we used it in our development process. What is ...

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Fixing Python SOAP handling, by using XML and JSONB fields in PostgreSQL

Synchronization of huge amount of data between two systems can sometimes be problematic, especially if one of the systems is accessed through a slow API. The service we had to integrate with was exposed through SOAP API. The API itself was slow and it had ~4,5 seconds time-lag per 10 records, bu...

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The greatest services in the world run on Python

Most of our projects are written in Python. We were wondering what kind of famous online solutions are coded using this powerful language and found a quite interesting list of well known platforms. Just to give you a flavour of Python usage, in 2011 at eBay/PayPal there were under 25 engineers c...

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