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Deep Image 2.0 in numbers - upscale image without losing quality

In 2017 we released the first version of our image processing app, Deep Image. After nearly 2 years the application is still alive and what is the most important for us - people all over the world find it very useful, regularly using it! If you haven’t heard about Deep Image I invite you to read...

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Optimize Neural Networks I/O - DGX research in TEONITE

In this article, you can find the results of the ANN R&D which we did between other commercial data science & machine learning projects. It contains benchmarks of several data storage methods. The main focus was I/O optimization because nearly every project we do for our clients requires ...

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You don’t need to go far to attend the best IT conference! Choose Berlin! - update

I have never thought that the best IT conference could hide under my nose and it could be free, full of excellent, high-level presentations and be even more engaging than any other conferences I’ve been to. Ready to find out about Machine Intelligence Summit Berlin? So read my summary and let’s m...

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Deep Image - use machine learning and enlarge image without losing quality [UPDATED]

Here you can find an update about Deep Image 2.0 in numbers: UPDATE 28.10.2019 Have you ever wondered where the innovative ideas come from? In our opinion, this is usually either a case of accident or a need to solve a problem. Deep Image, an application created by our full-stack developer - And...

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