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Case Study - web portal for smart city agency from Berlin

The cities of the future, so called ‘smart cities’ are a popular subject nowadays - and it is no surprise. At a time of such rapid technological growth, it is difficult not to come across this phrase. So far, TEONITE has supported various initiatives, i.e. Open Source, but we had this internal ne...

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Short guide to website readability

Have you ever came across a website that offers very good content and has good design, yet you feel uncomfortable while reading their articles? I know I have. Thus, I tried to find the main reason and think about possible countermeasures for such phenomena. I won’t be tackling the topic of websi...

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Basic elements of a successful user onboarding

People say that good first impression is of utmost importance. An application may be treated similarly, if not the same way. Make a bad first impression and your newly-released app is dead right away. When we talk about apps, the ‘first impression’ is referred to as user onboarding and it covers...

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