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Our client is an investor building large cryptocurrency mining facilities in multiple locations. They have owned 10 000+ ASIC mining hardware connected to public Bitcoin pools.

Development of an open-source based cryptocurrency mining pool - Introduction


Cryptocurrency market investor


  • back-end development
  • front-end development
  • UX design



The problem

Instead of being dependent on an external, public infrastructure, the client needed to build a private, stable and easy to manage mining pool within a very short period of time.

Development of an open-source based cryptocurrency mining pool case study - Problem

Main challenges

  • The core infrastructure and front-end must be delivered in 3 weeks
  • It has to support the latest BitCoin core (at the time)
  • Design & development of back office tools for managing and monitoring the pool, as well as front-end web app allowing external users to join and use the pool

The Solution

Due to time constraints, instead of building a mining pool from scratch, we decided to use the existing and proven open source solution. After examining the available options and consulting the client's requirements, we decided that the best solution would be to use

Although the software we chose met the requirements of the project, we had to make significant changes to the source code, as it supported the older version of BitCoin core (and there were significant differences in the RCP for the target version).

Development of an open-source based cryptocurrency mining pool, using Python, Rancher, Gitlab, Docker, django and ReactJS case study - Solution

We have created a complete infrastructure & provisioning solution for the whole system using GitLab CI, Rancher and Docker. Our team has also designed and implemented all the back office tools, as well as a public portal for end users, using technologes such as Python, Django and ReactJS.

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