Cryptocurrency Fund dashboard development

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Tensoralpha is a startup which is working on creating an investment fund based on cryptocurrencies.

They made a decision to outsource efforts related to analysis of strategy performance to us, as we have a strong portfolio experience in data visualization, dashboards and web applications.

TensorAlpha cryptocurrency fund dashboard development case study - Introduction




  • back-end
  • artificial intelligence & machine learning



The problem

Since the client is mainly focused on creating trading strategies, they needed a tool to keep track of each part of it, at any given time. One of the biggest challenges of this project was a very short delivery time.

TensorAlpha cryptocurrency fund dashboard development case study - Problem

The Solution

We have created a dashboard which shows all KPIs of particular trading strategies, as well as graphs for clear visual data representation.

TensorAlpha cryptocurrency fund dashboard development case study - Solution

As for technologies, web backend was made in Django, frontend in ReactJS and business logic service using Node.js and Typescript. One honorable mention in terms of used technologies - an invaluable tool for easier communication was GRPC. The client could have provided us with any required KPIs, which made it easier to implement them to the dashboard without having to go into too many details.

Due to the significance of prompt delivery of the project, we have decided to use Docker-based microservices in order to optimize communication between us and the client. This implied clearly defined responsibility boundaries which allowed us to focus on dashboard development, while the client could focus on delivering the business logic service.

David Klemm CEO

TEONITE is a group of seasoned professionals, who made our cooperation smooth and seamless. The dashboard created for the cryptocurrency fund during the project has met all of our expectations and we’re looking forward to working with TEONITE again in the future.

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