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Fosdem 2019 Conference

Antek and the Team

Check out what happened during one of the best Open Source events in Europe.

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We feel strong urge to share our knowledge, experience and skills. What better can we do than support Open Source?

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Scraper for Google Places website

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Node package for converting .po files to .json files

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Adding Google Tag Manager service to React App made easy

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Graphical representation of the condition of your projects

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BootMeUp TNT

A unique formula for an internship program which isn’t a waste of time

Expand your knowledge

At BootMe TNT, under the guidance of experienced programmers, you will gain the experience needed in large projects.

Solve practical tasks

You get a mini-project that will allow you to use all your skills. Now it's time for development and real challenges.

Work remotely

BootMe TNT is designed for everyone. It's up to you when and where you will complete your tasks.

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If you are interested in working with us, BootMeTNT is the perfect boarding pass.

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