WideStreet — Loan Portfolios Marketplace

A portfolio analysis and trading platform for cross-border marketplace dealing in UTP and NPLs.

wideStreet App
wideStreet App


  • positioning wideStreet as the first standardized platform in Europe for NPL portfolio trading
  • the solution offered to European banks
  • The “Whitelabel” model allows banks to use the platform to service their clients individually
  • the composition of standardized data, auction management, and investor communication unlocks the previously tedious and time-consuming process

Success Factors

  • using discovery and design process, through the course of the project, shaped the final product that meets market demands and industry expectations
  • using open source NPL libraries enabled accelerated development of core data model and decreased the overall cost of the solution

complexity components

  • complex data import processing
  • validation and standardization
  • strict regulatory rules and conditions

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