I’m super excited! to announce that Krzysztof Kamrowski has joined teonite as an Art & Creative Director (which I've been waiting for for over a decade! since I first got to know Krzysztof!).

Teonite has over 12y of experience in bringing exceptional services and venture products to the market. Still, as an art and design lover, I have always felt that our capabilities and services can be taken to the next level.

Krzysztof has extensive (over 22 years) experience in web design, motion, and VFX industries — working for (to name a few): Platige Image (Fallen Art, The Witcher — Cinematics, Pitbull), Axis Animation (Halo 4  — Cinematics), tv commercials (T-Mobile, Orange, Alior Bank…). Do not take my word for it — just look at his demo reel (which I recommend full screen with headphones 😀):

Krzysztof's Demo Reel

Krzysztof welcome onboard! 💪🎉🤙

Ps. To celebrate this milestone — we have something cooking, stay tuned next week!