Innovation in Fintech

Our expertise in Strategic Investment Portfolio Management is trusted by industry leaders such as Wärtsilä and Grupa Azoty. We've pioneered an NPL marketplace regulated by the European Bank Authority and launched a Swiss cryptocurrency exchange. Additionally, our software empowers T-Mobile with predictive analytics leveraging sensitive data and provides corporate clients with advanced liquidity forecasting. Explore our deep fintech capabilities.


Booste — Revenue-based Financing solution

Data Warehouse and AI/Machine Learning prediction algorithms to asses and automate client scoring


Brightpool — Bid-to-earn DEX

DeFI bid to earn trading protocol commissioned us to implement the whole platform.


Crypto Shaker — Distributed Currency Trading Solution

A Hedge Fund tasked us with the implementation of a distributed platform able to execute advanced trading strategies on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.


Foxtral — Currency Exchange Engine & Market Making

Foxtral, a Swiss Crypto Currency Exchange commissioned us with the development of a core exchange transactional engine and market-making algorithms.


Qvistorp — Strategic Portfolio Management

State-of-the-art software that helps you to operationalize your strategy and enable agile project portfolio prioritization throughout the whole life cycle.


T-Mobile Poland — Business Process Optimization

Application of Data Science and Machine Learning in Business Process Optimization and Predictive Modeling


UltraViolet — a cloud-based digital rights storage system

Cloud-based digital rights locker used by Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, Warner Bros, Fox, HBO, BBC. UltraViolet has over 28 million users with over 250 million movies and TV shows in 13 countries.


WideStreet — Loan Portfolios Marketplace

A portfolio analysis and trading platform for cross-border marketplace dealing in UTP and NPLs.

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